A picture-book mountain route for cycling

Admittedly, tackling Villach Alpine Road on a bike using your own muscle power is no stroll in the park. Fitness, riding technique and a passion for challenging mountain routes is needed if you are going to ride from Villach-Möltschach up to the Rosstratte. In any case, there is 1200 metres of ascent to negotiate! The good thing is that along the panorama road there are numerous rest places at which you can take a breather and enjoy the views of the surroundings. You can scale Villach Alpine Road on a road bike or a mountain bike – the six metre wide road provides the maximum in safety and comfortable riding.

Highlights for interim stops & to take a breather

The loveliest viewing points, experience worlds and interim stops for road riders, mountain and E-bikers along this panoramic road in the Dobratsch can be found here.


Dobratsch Nature Park: leaving rubbish at the side of the ride is a no-no!

Aerial photograph of the road with forest and mountains and Villach in the background | © villacher-alpenstrasse.at/Stabentheiner

We ask all road and mountain bikers not to carelessly drop rubbish at the side of the road, including energy bar wrappers, plastic bottles and the like. Please separate and dispose of these at one of our rubbish stations. Remember – you are in Dobratsch Nature Park – an area that is under strict conservation protection!  

Alpe Adria Tour: The Dobratsch stage

When participants of the Alpe Adria Tour get to the 16.5 kilometre Villach Alpine Road, there already have numerous kilometres of riding behind them. The ten percent maximum incline of this mountain road to the Dobratsch drains riders’ energy reserves and shows who has the strength in their legs to take overall victory. As a spectator you can get up close to top-class international cycling. Cheering on is definitely encouraged! The event on Villach Alpine Road is just one of many. The Alpe Adria Tour demands so much from participants on the extreme stages – anyone who wins here really is an exceptional athlete. Yet this charming mountain road is not just for pros, it is a winner with leisure riders too! 

There are several rewarding mountain routes in Austria, and some professional bike races focus on these too, for instance the stage on the Grosglockner High Alpine Road. 

Cycling on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road