The hairpin bends & curves of the Dobratsch: the perfect e-mobile excursion destination!

Villach Alpine Road, to Villach’s local mountain, is an ideal excursion destination for all E-drivers! What could be nicer than gliding – minus any noise and with zero emissions- through the gentle bends, which provide breath-taking views, all the while marvelling at the beauty of the natural surroundings! Staying for a while and recharging your batteries in place that is really beautiful! The fact is, Villach Alpine Road offers the perfect conditions for anyone who wants to be e-mobile when they get out and about!



Advantages for E-cars & E-motorbikes

Villach Alpine Road extends a warm welcome to all e-mobile riders and drivers and with the great value Eco Ticket for E-cars and E-motorbikes provides superb general conditions for cleaner mobility. At two charging stations along the Carinthian panorama road you get to top-up with green, great value Glockner ePower.