landscape around the Villacher alpine road

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Bus tours Villach Alpine Road

Attractive destination for bus tour operators: the Dobratsch in Carinthia

Offer the customers of your bus tour business a particularly beautiful daytrip. The Villach Alpine Road leads from the district of Villach-Möltschach up to the Rosstratte, the destination on the Dobratsch, over 16.5 km. The consistently 6 m wide lane and the easily manageable turns and bends ensure relaxed driving and offer guests an experience in nature beyond compare. The maximum incline of ten percent and approx. 1,200 altitude metres are no challenge whatsoever for modern buses. Plan the duration of your stay on the Villach Alpine Road as you see fit. Several attractions can be checked out depending on have much time you have to spare. The net driving time from the pay desk to the Rosstratte car park P11 is 30 minutes.
Impressing view from the alpine route