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Dear guests of the car meetings around our lakes!
In order to give everyone a wonderful time, we would like to point out the following:
Show respect!  Protect the environment!  Avoid noise! 
Pay attention to the rules!  Act exemplary!

We are looking forward to your coming!
kids with amazing view

Family and children

Trips with children to the Dobratsch

Playgrounds and adventure spots, hiking and educational trails, Alpengarten and animal observations

In order to makes trips with children a worthwhile experience for the entire family, you need to take a few things into account. Long drives without moving about and hour-long hikes with no variation are absolute no-nos. The good news is that there are many exciting destinations for children and parents along the Villach Alpine Road! Hiking in Dobratsch nature park is a thrilling journey through time, a walk an adventure for animal and plant explorers, and driving a diverting undertaking between two interesting lookout and adventure points. Allow us to introduce you to the most popular destinations for children on the Dobratsch and give you some pointers for planning a multifaceted day out.
child looking through telescope

Destinations for children on the Dobratsch: educational trails and hiking tours

Two walks on the Villacher Alpe get you into direct contact with nature – the Alpengarten and the geological path on the Rosstratte, the “mountain station” of the Villach Alpine Road.
•    Parents and children can discover more than 800 different alpine plants at the Alpengarten, including those that are only to be found on the Dobratsch. All plants carry a name tag. Tip for a spotting game: who can find three plants that blossom blue first? Who can find the Wulfenia, which only grows in Carinthia? And who can spy a spice plant? Children are free to take seeds and seedlings back home for a small donation!

•    Children learn how fossilised snails got up to the mountain summit, what limestone mountains are and what the Dobratsch has to do with Swiss cheese along the geological trail “Vom Meer zum Berg” (Eng. “From the Sea to the Mountain”) on the Rosstratte. An exciting journey through the origins of the characteristic mountain high above the Gail and Drau.
•    Short walkways lead to lookout platforms, for example the one on the Rosstratte (accessible with a buggy) and on the “Rote Wand”. Here children can learn a lot about the surroundings. From up here, they can easily recognise and name rivers and lakes as well as the Julian Alps and the Karawanks. Two hiking trails leads from the Rosstratte to the Dobratsch summit with two of the highest pilgrimage churches in the Eastern Alps (easy meadow path for families with young children and Jägersteig for older children with mountain experience.

•    Parents and children can learn interesting facts about the feathered inhabitants and migrating birds on Villach’s landmark mountain at the exhibition “Herrscher der Lüfte – die Vogelwelt des Naturparks Dobratsch” (Engl. “Rulers of the skies – bird life of Dobratsch nature park). A playground and the mountain inn Aichingerhütte promise fun, games and Carinthian culinary delights.

Trips with children to the adventure playground on the Rosstratte

After driving 16.5 km on the Villach Alpine Road, children can’t wait to reach the playground in sight of the Rosstrattenstüberl. The exercise and adventure scenery bears the signature of Carinthian designer Michaela Fink, who also designed the adventure playgrounds along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Spectacular lookout towers, a tunnel system, climbing nets and an open-air arena and much more are waiting to be conquered at an altitude of 1,732 m. The underground speaking tube and the long ropeway are particularly popular! Furthermore, children can learn which trees and animals are native to the Dobratsch in a playful manner. Tip: parents can see their children on the playground from the Rosstrattenstüberl!

Exciting trip with children: touring with the nature park ranger

There are many destinations in Carinthia that are fun with children. Today’s tip: go on an journey of discovery on and around the Dobratsch with a nature park ranger! A diverse programme for children and families is offered during the summer. Observe nimble chamois among the rocks of the high mountains and majestically circling birds of prey.
When are you going to take the plunge? Plan your adventure trip with children to the Dobratsch now: all information about ticket prices and opening hours of the Villach Alpine Road.