The history of the Dobratsch

Elementally powerful: origin of the Dobratsch

An exciting trip to the origins of Villach’s landmark mountain

Those who wonder about the red rock face looking as if part of the mountain has been demolished or those who discover weird snail-like formations in the rock when driving on the Villach Alpine Road are right in the middle of the exciting history of the Dobratsch. We will take you on a journey through time taking us 200 million years into the past – welcome to the Mesozoic era! There’s no trace of the Dobratsch or other summit, but you’re swimming in the shallow water of a huge sea called Tethys Ocean during your time travel. Only 30 m deep tops, the sea water is at least 20 °C warm – the perfect nursery for numerous sea dwellers such as the auger shells, which can be up to 15 cm long.
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